Module 4 Understanding shape
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Year 3 objectives
Year 4 objectives

Relate 2-D shapes and 3-D solids to drawings of them; describe, visualise, classify, draw and make the shapes

Arrow to show progress from year 3 to year 4. Draw polygons and classify them by identifying their properties, including their line symmetry
Visualise 3-D objects from 2-D drawings; make nets of common solids

Draw and complete shapes with reflective symmetry; draw the reflection of a shape in a mirror line along one side


Read and record the vocabulary of position, direction and movement, using the four compass directions to describe movement about a grid


Recognise horizontal and vertical lines; use the eight compass points to describe direction; describe and identify the position of a square on a grid of squares

Use a set-square to draw right angles and to identify right angles in 2-D shapes; compare angles with a right angle; recognise that a straight line is equivalent to two right angles


Know that angles are measured in degrees and that one whole turn is 360°; compare and order angles less than 180°