Module 5 Understanding shape
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Year 1
Year 2

Visualise and name 2-D shapes and 3-D solids and describe their features; use them to make patterns, pictures and models

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Visualise 2-D shapes and 3-D solids; identify shapes from pictures and orientations; sort, make and describe shapes, referring to their properties

Identify objects that turn about a point (e.g. scissors) or about a line (e.g. a door); recognise and make whole, half and quarter turns

  Recognise and use whole, half and quarter turns, both clockwise and anticlockwise; know that a right angle represents a quarter turn

Visualise and use everyday language to describe the position of objects and direction and distance when moving them, for example when placing or moving objects on a game board


Follow and give instructions involving position, direction and movement



Identify reflective symmetry in patterns and 2-D shapes and draw lines of symmetry in shapes